New Teachers Happy to Call CCTE Home

  • Academy of Health Professions, Automotive Technology Instructors Enjoy Career Changes


    The Center for Career and Technical Education in Allegany County Public Schools provides students with quality career technical and academic options. Students enrolled in the school’s fourteen career technical programs have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in a hands-on and active learning environment, which prepares them for successful entry into college, the workforce, or both.


    Jennifer Farrell, RN, is one of the new teachers happy to call the Career Center home this year. “I have worked in the Allegany County Public School System for thirteen years as a school nurse, and making a career change to come to CCTE has been challenging but so rewarding.” Farrell is the new instructor in the Academy of Health Professions skill area. Students in this program use project and problem-based learning, clinical and work-based learning, and job shadowing experiences as well as classroom and lab instruction to prepare for careers in the health care field.


    “I really enjoy watching the students understand the content that is being taught, and their enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious,” said Farrell. “One of the best perks of my new job is not only am I teaching, but I am also learning from my students. Every student in unique in their own way, and I have enjoyed getting to know them.” She went on to say, “As a school nurse I was responsible for the medical treatment of students, and now as a teacher I am responsible for engaging students in instruction that facilitates active learning.”


    Also new to the Career Center this year is Automotive Technology instructor, Ian Saville. Prior to coming to ACPS, Saville worked in the industry as a senior master technician for Ford and was employed at Timbrook Ford in Keyser, WV. But teaching was his passion as he previously worked in Mineral County teaching automotive technology. “I came back because I missed it and I really enjoy it,” said Saville. “There is a lot of support from school administration and the district as well for this program. I am really impressed by the quality of students coming to the Career Center, and the technology we get to work with here is top of the line, which makes it easy to show my students real-world applications.”


    Students enrolled in Auto Tech at CCTE are prepared to pursue entry-level employment opportunities as automotive technicians at car dealerships, independent automotive shops, service centers, fleet maintenance departments, and more. While in the program, students learn about automotive electronic and electrical systems, fuel and emission systems, engines and performance, brake and suspension systems, manual and automatic transmissions and drive lines, and air conditioning systems.


    “My hope is that my students leave the Career Center and get their foot in the door somewhere to decide if it is the right fit for them. I always encourage them to pursue continuing education as well, so they have that in addition to the skills they acquire here with me,” said Saville. While internship opportunities in this particular skill area are not abundant, Mr. Saville said that CCTE employees are able to bring in their vehicles for basic maintenance. “That helps my students and exposes them to more realistic situations and it helps our employees too.”


    CCTE programs are a sequence of four or five high school courses taken in addition to the academic core classes of math, science, English, and social studies.