Health & Physical Education

  • Allegany County Public Schools promotes and protects the inclusion of all students in Physical Education in grades PreK - 8. 
    Course 711 - Physical Education is a required course for graduation.  This course is designed to introduce students to a basic program of physical fitness, team sports, and individual lifetime recreational activities.  Emphasis is placed on developing physical skills, acquiring knowledge of movement, rules, and promoting a positive self image as related to social and emotional behavior.
    Course 481 - Comprehensive Health Education is a semester course required for graduation.  This course provides students with valid information for living a healthy lifestyle.  The intent of this course is to help students incorporate decision making skills, refusal skills, and goal setting skills into several topic areas: Nutrition and Fitness, Personal and Consumer Health, Mental and Emotional Health, Disease Prevention, Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco, Family Life and Human Sexuality and Safety, and Injury Prevention.  Additionally, student will have instruction and training for the American Heart Associations, Hands Only CPR program that includes the use of an AED.
    Assistant Supervisor of Health & Physical Education: Tracey Leonard,
    The Assistant Supervisor of Health & Physical Education provides administrative and instructional leadership in the planning, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of effective health and physical education programs for grades PreK through twelve.  This position also coordinates the Safe and Drug Free programs such as D.A.R.E. and CPR in Schools.  All matters dealing with AEDs and training for CPR & First Aid, including Epi-pens are coordinated through this office.
    Elective classes in high school provide students with the opportunity to develop individual and team skills for better health and fitness. Additional information regarding Physical Education can be found by clicking HERE.
Last Modified on June 27, 2019