Allegany: At A Glance

Allegany High School


Allegany Morning LIVE

  • Beginning last year, students in Brian White's Historical Research Methods class at Allegany began broadcasting morning announcements live over the school's closed circut TV. Now, working out of their fully functional and technologically equipped TV studio, the students have the capability to produce more engaging and professional broadcasts for their peers. The vision for the TV studio was always part of the design for the new school; however, it wasn't until the school received donations from alumni coupled with funds from the school's Academic Endowment group and proceeds from White's past Historical Research Methods projects was the studio fully equipped. And thanks to the students in Eric Yoder's Tech Ed class, the studio also has a beautifully constructed set. Additionally, Ryan Brenneman of Allegany Media donated his time and expertise to ensure that the students had an understanding of broadcast media.

    According to Mr. White, "I told the administration that in order to do this right, we really need to have a class." With that said, White's HRM class is now split into two sections, with one working on the annual research project and the other working on broadcast journalism. This year's class is comprised of fifteen students who work collaboratively to pre-record segments, gather information to publicize, and report the news. Jack Glisan is the director; Erik Kirchner is the meteorologist; David Miller is the sports reporter; and John Toothaker serves as the AML host. Students conduct guest interviews with new teachers and coaches; Toothaker participates in a segment entitled "Hot on the Spot" in which he and the person being interviewed eat a hot/spicy food during the interview; and students give speeches soliciting votes for class officers. 

    "The biggest benefit I see is when you walk around in the mornings, everyone is seated and engaged watching the announcements," said school principal, Heidi Laupert. "All the information is being better diseminated this way." White also stated, "These live announcements also change the dynamic too because the class has to make the announcements interesting, fresh, and creative."


    Allegany Morning Live September 12, 2019 from ACETV ACPS on Vimeo.