kara kennell

Contact Information

  • Name: Kara Kennell
    Title: Coordinator
    Phone: 301-759-2042
    The Service-Learning Coordinator provides leadership in planning, developing, implementing, evaluating and strengthening the service learning program for students in grades 6 through 9. The coordinator also serves as a resource for students, administrators, faculties, and community organizations, while acting as liaisons between MSDE and Allegany County Public Schools.
    Service-learning has been infused into the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th-grade subject areas. Students will have the opportunity to receive hours in Creative Arts, English, Math, Physical Education/ Health, Science and/or Social Studies. The 75 hours of service-learning required for high school graduation will be counted when students successfully complete 9th grade.  High school students are given a full credit on their high school transcript for service-learning hours if they exceed 132 hours above the required 75 hours.  They are also provided recognition at graduation for their service-learning achievements.

    Service-learning is in-context learning that connects specific educational goals with meaningful community service. Service-learning projects include a dual focus: the goals of academic learning and the goals of authentic volunteer projects. Students learn course content as well as skills, strengthening their thinking skills as they develop empathy, personal ethics, and the habit of helping their communities. Doing service-learning helps students understand their connectedness to and importance in their communities as they experience the role of a service provider (rather than the role of service receiver). Service-learning is also an important focus to many colleges and universities throughout the United States.
    Visit the Youth Service Award website links to the left to see award application deadlines.
    Student Volunteer of the Month Program
    The Allegany County Public School System wants to recognize a “Student Volunteer of the Month” at the middle and high school levels. Teachers can nominate any student they feel has shown outstanding service to their school and/or community.  Every month two students will be recognized with a certificate and highlighted on the website under the "Accolades" section.

    Mr. John Logsdon, Service-learning Supervisor, Mrs. Kara Kennell, Service-learning Coordinator, and Allegany County Association of Student Councils (ACASC) Executive Board Members will select the best candidates. All submissions will be due to Mrs. Kara Kennell by the 25th of every month via email at
    Click here to view the Student Volunteer of the Month nomination form.