Washington: At A Glance

Washington Middle School


Read 180

  • Washington Middle School utilizes the program, Read 180, which is a reading intervention program that provides individualized instruction to meet each student's reading needs. The technology collects data based on individual responses and adjusts instruction to meet each students' needs at their level, accelerating their path to reading mastery. According to Morgan Witmer, Washington's Read 180 teacher, "I have had so much success with Read 180 because I truly believe in its benefits and the students see that." In her class, students do targeted work with both computer software and books that are on their individual reading levels. "The class is very structured and uses stations daily. I have a reward system in which I send home certificates for book quizzes passed and even on occassion give the students an extra treat when they reach 50 points." According to Ms. Witmer, these certificates are a great home-school communicator, and she frequently receives positive feedback from parents and guardians. 

Students Teaching Students

  • Mr. Brian Davis, science teacher at Washington Middle School, allows student groups to have the opportunity to teach their peers several times throughout the year. "The idea behind this activity is partly to cover content, but also partly to get the students to understand what I'm trying to do better so that they get a better insight into teaching," said Davis. Students are required to research the topic and plan a lesson. Executing that lesson includes things such as operating technology, keeping an eye on students to ensure that they are paying attention, and behaving in a professional manner. Groups have two hours to plan their lessons and then another 20 minutes to rehearse as a group. Students receive points for the following: having a professional presentation; covering all the material; everyone having a job; asking the class two questions; using their time wisely; and not being boring. According to Mr. Davis, some students love this activity, and others are very nervous about it. He tries to choose lessons that are artistic-based, acting out-based, and asthetic-based. "Within each unit, I try to do at least one lesson on each of those areas so that ALL students feel successful, but I also want them to feel challenged." He went on to say, "They need to understanding that teaching is hard, but the better prepared they are, the better they'll feel teaching."