• ATTENTION PARENTS OF STUDENTS IN TITLE I SCHOOLS: Please assist us in planning for parent/family engagement activities for the 2020-2021 school year by completing our short survey.  You will need to reference the ACPS Parent/Family Engagement Plan for 2019-2020 to answer the questions.  The deadline to complete the survey is June 18, 2020. We appreciate your input!  

    Title I is a federal program authorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which provides supplemental funding to schools that qualify according to Free and Reduced Meal Student (FARMS) eligibility. There are ten Title I schools in Allegany County Public Schools with schoolwide programs. The supplemental funding which these schools receive may provide personnel, professional development, instructional materials, and parent/family engagement programs. 

    Title I Schools
    The following elementary schools with Free and Reduced Meal rates have been identified to receive Title I supplemental funds and operate a Title I program:
    • John Humbird Elementary School - 100%
    • South Penn Elementary School - 93.23%
    • Westernport Elementary School - 87.18%
    • George's Creek Elementary School - 82.45%
    • Cash Valley Elementary School - 63.77%
    • West Side Elementary School - 62.65%
    • Mt. Savage Elementary School - 57.53%
    • Northeast Elementary School - 56.92%
    • Beall Elementary School - 55.97%
    • Flintstone Elementary School - 55.56%


    ACPS Title 1 from ACETV ACPS on Vimeo.