• Title I is a federal program which provides supplemental funding to schools that qualify according to Free and Reduced Meal Student (FARMS) eligibility.  There are eight Title I schools in Allegany County Public Schools with schoolwide programs, and one school, Mt. Savage Elementary, with a targeted assistance program.  The supplemental funding that these schools receive may provide personnel, professional development, and/or instructional materials.  
    Title I Schools
    The following elementary schools have been identified to receive Title I supplemental funds and operate a Title I program:
    • John Humbird Elementary School - 91.10%
    • South Penn Elementary School - 76.72%
    • George's Creek Elementary School - 71.52%
    • Westernport Elementary School - 69.45%
    • West Side Elementary School - 66.25%
    • Mt. Savage Elementary (Targeted Assistance) - 63.05%
    • Cash Valley Elementary School - 61.31%
    • Beall Elementary School - 59.47%
    • Northeast Elementary School - 57.54%
  • A draft of the ACPS Title I Parent Involvement plan is available below for review. Comments and feedback regarding this draft plan should be sent to comments@acpsmd.org until June 30, 2017. Thank you. 

2017-2018 ACPS Title I Parent Involvement Plan - DRAFT

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