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Mrs. Debbie Metheny

Director of Special Education

The Director of Special Education develops, implements and coordinates the system-wide programs for special education. The Director of Special Education is also responsible for the following departments:



Special Education

  • As part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process, many people help decide what program a student goes to. They include parents, teachers, principals, and other key individuals. When a student is in high school or is an adult, they help decide what program they will go to. In order to fulfill its mission, the Allegany County Public Schools Special Education Department supports:

    • Principals who welcome all children and try to help all children succeed.
    • Practices across the county and in each school meet the needs of all students.
    • Well-planned use of money and other resources to help students with and without disabilities learn together.

    We believe that all students have the right to be educated together. We provide services and support for students who have disabilities to help them be successful in classes with students who do not have disabilities. Sometimes that is not possible. When that happens, we look at what locations and services will best support each student.

    All decisions about what locations and services are best for each student with a disability are made by that student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. Parents are an important part of the IEP team. We try hard to make sure that one or both parents can be part of the IEP team meetings. If a parent cannot attend, we will pick another time for the meeting or they may give us permission to go ahead with the meeting. After every meeting, parents will get copies of notes and any plans suggested. ACPS will work with parents to help them understand what was discussed at the IEP meeting. If a parent does not speak English, we will provide a translator.

    When a student with an IEP moves to Allegany County, we will provide services similar to those in that IEP. ACPS will make sure that everyone working with the student has a copy of the IEP and knows what they should do.

    If a parent wants free legal help with an IEP issue, you can contact Maryland Legal Aid, 110 Greene Street, Cumberland, MD 21502, 301-777-7474.  

    MSDE’s Family Support and Dispute Resolution Branch (FSDR) helps families with children who have disabilities. They support families by giving them helpful information and connecting them with people who can assist with any concerns they may have. FSDR also helps with solving problems informally when parents have questions. They provide resources on their page, including PDF documents and links, about the process to resolve complaints related to Special Education. The goal is to encourage positive partnerships between families and the education system in Maryland.

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