Student Services


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    Name:  Dr. Ben Brauer
    Title: Supervisor of Student Services
    Phone:  301-759-2410
    Name: Dr. Charlene Shingler-Beeman
    Title: Interim Coordinator of Alternative Programs        
    Location: Eckhart Alternative Program
    Phone: 301-689-2567
    Name: Tye Miller
    Title: Instructor Virtual Academic Village          
    Location: Pershing Street Office
    Phone: 301-724-1317
    Name: Esther Greco
    Title: Pupil Personnel Secretary
    Phone: 301-759-2001

    The Student Services Department supports the school system's vision and mission by taking a proactive role in providing educational opportunities for all students. Services provided include counseling and conferences with children and parents; identifying and assisting children and families in accessing services to address unmet needs (home, school, community); identifying physical, emotional, social, and financial barriers preventing students from succeeding in school; investigating custody, residency, and out-of-district issues; coordinating hearings for students suspended from school and ensuring due process for all students.