Westmar: At A Glance

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    A Quote from the Principal:

    "I am certain it will be another exciting year at Westmar, and with hard work and determination, students will strive for academic excellence that will lead to positive choices in the future."


Westmar PBIS Store

  • Now in its fourth year, Westmar's PBIS Student Store is open for business every other Friday during all three lunch shifts for students to exchange "PAWS" for goods. Students earn paw points by demonstrating positive behavior and may earn additional paws for achieving perfect attendance, making the honor roll, or meeting other specific goals. The PBIS store is stocked with everything from snacks, to books, to clothes for students to purchase. Students may also exchange paw points for time to play games such as air hockey, pool, basketball, or the Wii. Merchandise in the store comes from both community and staff donations. The school also sells signs that are displayed in both the stadium and gym to area businesses and then uses the proceeds to stock the store.