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    "Bel Air School is committed to the belief that all students must experience success in order to develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually. All students are unique individuals who possess a variety of skills and needs and, through successful learning experiences, will develop into productive and responsible citizens."

Bel Air Elementary School


S.O.A.R. Ticket Program

  • Bel Air Elementary School is in its second year of PBIS implementation. This year the school continued its S.O.A.R. ticket program, presenting students with golden tickets when they demonstrate positive behaviors. Such behaviors include Staying Safe, Owning Their Behavior, Actively Learning, and Respecting All. On October 1st, one student from each classroom had his or her ticket drawn from the Eagles' Nest (Bel Air Eagles S.O.A.R.). The selected students were recognized by Mrs. Autumn Eirich, principal; Ms. Brenda Luger; PBIS coach and school counselor; and Mrs. Brandi Rice, Bel Air Branch Manager of First United National Bank and Trust. Ms. Luger represents Willy Wonka and his golden tickets, while Mrs. Eirich represents the S.O.A.R. pledge with the use of the Eagles' Nest. Students who have their tickets drawn from the nest get their pictures taken with the community member volunteer, and these pictures are placed on the PBIS bulletin board along with a certificate of achievement. New this year, the School Counselor/PBIS Coach and/or Mrs. Eirich call each student's parent to inform them of their child(ren)'s positive recognition.