The Cove

  • Brand new this year at Allegany High School is The Cove, a small room that has been redesigned for use in individual or small group counseling sessions and conflict resolution. Formerly the room used by Project YES (which has been relocated elsewhere in the school with more space to accommodate program needs), The Cove promotes mindfulness and relaxation in a calming atmosphere full of manipulatives including worry rocks, coloring pages, and comfortable furniture and lighting. "Sometimes just being in a quiet place without distractions helps," said school counselor, Amy Llewellyn. The room also features a positivity wall where students are encouraged to write down a positive thought or goal for the day. The typical school counselor office isn't designed as the most relaxing space. "The Cove promotes more casual conversation," said school counselor, Tim Murphy. "When students come into our office and we realize they need a quiet place, we bring them to The Cove for some one-on-one interaction." Murphy continued, "And then we utilize the room for conflict resolution later in the day or the next day." Mrs. Llewellyn also noted that the features and design of The Cove perfectly align with a recent emotional poverty training counselors took part in.