AFS Global Prep Scholarship Winner

  • claire Congratulations to Claire Hoffman, a sophomore at Mountain Ridge High School, who is a recipient of the AFS (American Field Service) Global Prep Scholarship to study abroad for two weeks this summer. Claire submitted an essay detailing her plans to become a doctor and assist people in countries that may be affected by environmental and climate change. Her essay impressed the Mountain Maryland AFS scholarship committee, and Claire will now have the opportunity to spend two weeks in Kenya this summer.

AFS - Hosting an Exchange Student and Study Abroad Opportunities

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    The Mountain Maryland and Friends AFS Chapter in Western Maryland works primarily with schools in Allegany and Garrett Counties in Maryland.  This group is also part of a larger team of AFS chapters in Western Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  This area usually hosts about 32 students per year from countries all around the world.  Every year the chapter is looking for great families to host these wonderful students from around the world.

    AFS is one of the oldest student exchange programs, beginning more than 60 years ago, when WWII ambulanc drivers started the program to bring German students to the U.S. to promote understanding between the two countries.  Now, AFS brings more than 2,500 international high school students to the U.S. every year.

    American students can also discover the world through AFS programs.  AFS sends more than 1,400 American students to over 40 countries in programs that include summer, gap year, and year-long high school programs.  Students do not have to speak the language of the country they are going to, and some programs offer language intensive coursework.  There are also numerous scholarship opportunities for students. 

    If your family is interested in hosting a student from another country, or if you have a child interested in studying abroad, check out the links to the right or visit the AFS USA website at  Interested parties can also call or email Karen Treber at 301-687-0644 or for more information. 


Scholarship Opportunity Now Available!

  • AFS Student Exchange Program is offering a scholarship opportunity this summer in its Global Prep Program for high school students. The AFS Global Prep Program is a two-week visit to one of 19 countries. Some of the opportunities include working on environmental conservation in Greece, volunteering to help communities in Kenya, or exploring the language and culture of France, China, Russia or other countries.
    For more information, visit To apply for the scholarship, high school students in Allegany County Public Schools must submit a letter of interest of no more than one page, indicating the reasons for wanting to study abroad and the country they are most interested in.
    Deadline is March 13, 2016. Send your letter of interest to Karen Treber, Mountain Maryland AFS Chapter, or call 301-687-0644 for more information.