Board Beliefs

We believe that a successful student...
  • Understands that life-long learning is essential for productive and responsible participation in a diverse and changing world.
  • Can identify and master knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will benefit him/her throughout life.
  • Is motivated and takes responsibility for his/her learning and personal conduct.
  • Enrolls in a rigorous academic program of study designed to develop individual talent.
  • Must have equal access to public education that promotes optimal growth.
  • Utilizes technology to explore a world of ideas and information.

We believe that an effective school...
  • Endorses a clear and focused mission which eliminates fragmentation of effort and promotes student achievement.
  • Provides a safe and orderly environment conducive to teaching and learning and to the development of character and ethical citizenship.
  • Provides a climate of high expectations that fosters learning and provides quality education experiences for all students.
  • Engages in shared instructional leadership that is collaborative and promotes school improvement efforts.
  • Provides opportunities to learn and time on task through interdisciplinary instruction, performance-based assessment and real world application of knowledge and skills.
  • Frequently monitors student progress to ensure accountability.
  • Encourages and develops family, school, and community partnerships.
  • Prepares all students to be a University of Maryland system completer, a career/technology education completer, or both.
We believe that an outstanding school system...
  • Respects the dignity and worth of every individual.
  • Provides programs and service based on needs, characteristics, interests, and capabilities of each student.
  • Provides an effective principal in every school and an effective teacher in every classroom.
  • Offers a challenging, ethically diverse, multi-cultural curriculum.
  • Insists on a results-oriented, data-driven focus which is based on continuous growth and evaluation.
  • Defines expectations and holds all personnel accountable for results.
  • Ensures that every employee models ethical behavior, exhibits a strong work ethic, and achieves high performance standards.
  • Engages in fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer.
  • Takes respnsibility for recruiting, developing, and retaining qualified, caring, motivated, and competent employees.
  • Provides equal opportunity and encouragement for every student.
  • Identifies needs and manages resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Values diversity.
  • Provides competitive salary and benefits package to employees.
  • Provides effective leadership and supervision at the central office level.
We believe that in an effective classroom, the teacher...
  • Takes responsibility for the motivation and success of every student he/she teaches.
  • Recognizes that every student is unique and has special abilities and interests that must be acknowledged and developed.
  • Has a responsibility to engage every student in learning, problem solving and decision-making.
  • Reflects on his/her teaching practice and provides opportunities for success by using a variety of teaching techniques that meet multiple learning styles.
  • Has achieved mastery of content knowledge and teaching skills and continues to seek opportunities for professional growth.
  • Is responsible for modeling good work ethic, citizenship, personal values, and social skills.

We believe that a supportive community...
  • Recognizes that public education is the foundation of a democratic society.
  • Values education and cherishes children.
  • Provides adequate resources and demands excellence.
  • Recognizes that all citizens have a stake in public education.
  • Is compelled to make an investment in the future of our youth.
  • Creates and maintains a stable, supportive environment for education.
  • Fosters regular and open communication among the home, school, and community.
  • Respects and appreciates students and school employees.
  • Actively supports our commitment to challenge all students to achieve their potential.
  • Is responsible for establishing values and expectations that support the learning process.
  • Works together to create a better future.