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  •  Bel Air Elementary School is proud to be a National Blue Ribbon School Centered on Reaching Excellence! 


    Bel Air Eagles Soar to S.C.O.R.E.

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    Bel Air School is committed to the belief that all students must experience success in order to develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually. All students are unique individuals who possess a variety of skills and needs and through successful learning experiences will develop into productive and responsible citizens. This commitment for all students to be successful is based on the premise that all students can learn and that learning is a life-long process. The educational process includes the fostering of a positive home/school environment, and involves students in a variety of instructional techniques and activities that will ensure academic success as staff members participate in job-embedded professional development. The staff at Bel Air embraces the value of a college and career readiness education and considers it vital to all students thriving in a global economy.
    Staff, students, parents, and the community encourage and support Bel Air School's vision as a school centered on reaching excellence.

    VISION:  Bel Air Eagles Soar to S.C.O.R.E: A School Centered on Reaching Excellence

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  • Bel Air Elementary is located in Allegany County, Maryland, in the rural western mountains of the state. The school educates students from Pre-K to Grade 5 and also houses a county Head Start program. An open-space building, Bel Air is situated within a housing development outside the city of Cumberland. 

    There is little teacher turnover at Bel Air, and continuity of the staffing helps maintain strong teamwork and positive relationships. The students are familiar with the entire staff, including the itinerant educators, the cafeteria workers, the custodians, and the bus drivers. Drivers often check on students who did not board the bus for home. The secretary and the nurse are vital to the school’s success and both work closely with all parents, students, and staff. Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) parents are visible in the school daily. Bel Air is truly a family and this attitude reflects in our students’ success.

    Since Mrs. Eirich became principal seven years ago, the school has established a vision of excellence for all. The school’s vision is “Bel Air Eagles Soar to Score: A School Centered on Reaching Excellence”. To perpetuate this vision, the meaning of excellence is taught by teacher-led discussions using examples from reading, math, science, and social studies texts. Students write about different examples of excellence they have seen or performed in school, and those writings are shared during morning announcements. The success of the vision was evident when a student wrote with pride, “I can read!”

    To further encourage excellence at Bel Air Elementary, the staff maintains a strong bond with our community partners. Many businesses and organizations in the area serve as partners with Bel Air, and their members and employees offer a variety of services to the school. For example, our partners read to the students during Read Across America week and share their knowledge on Career Day.

    The Bel Air School community is proud of its efforts to demonstrate caring and service to others. This year the school community will participate in “Laps for Lupus” to support our physical education teacher who was diagnosed with Lupus. The school annually donates mittens and hats and “gently used toys” to children living in shelters. Students also participate in the Jump Rope for Heart event sponsored by the America Heart Association.

    One of our most successful traditions through the years has been the St. Jude’s Math-a-Thon. More than 70 percent of our students annually participate in the Math-a-Thon, and their efforts were recognized by the National Network of Partnership Schools for “Outstanding Practices” in 2008-2009.

    Bel Air School has maintained the standard of excellence through the years. In 2007-2008 and 2010-2011, Bel Air was named a School of Distinction by the Allegany County Board of Education.

    In 2010 Bel Air was honored to be selected as a Maryland Blue Ribbon School, and in 2011 the school received yet a higher honor when it was named a National Blue Ribbon School.

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