Elected Board

  • BOE Logo The Board of Education of Allegany County determines, subject to state laws, the educational policies of the county school system and maintains a quality educational program for all youth in Allegany County. The Board of Education holds a general public meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. The location and time of the meeting are announced in the media. Other public meetings are held at the Board's discretion and are announced in the media. Special public meetings are occasionally called to consider urgent matters. The Board, at any of its public meetings, may go into executive session for the purpose of discussing personnel matters, land acquisition, negotiations, or to confer with the Board Attorney.  Agenda items may be suggested by Board members, administrators, or citizens of the county for inclusion on the agenda. Proposed agenda items suggested by citizens of the county shall be submitted in writing and received in the office of the Superintendent of Schools to be considered for placement on a future meeting agenda. The Board may agree to place additional items on the agenda at the request of the superintendent, the Board President, or a Board member.



    boarddocs logo Beginning in February 2018, the Board of Education of Allegany County will leverage cloud-based technology to improve the governance process. BoardDocs Pro will allow them to maximize the effectiveness of board meetings with increased transparency, providing a basis for better and more open communication with the public, while improving productivity.