Flintstone: At a Glance

Flintstone Elementary School


Flintstone Hosts Annual Bye and Cry

  • Tuesday, September 3, 2019, marked the beginning of both pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes in Allegany County Public Schools, and parents everywhere were likely feeling the same sense of anxiety as they ushered their babies off to their official first day of school. This year, Flintstone welcomed 19 pre-kindergartners and 31 kindergarteners. In an attempt to help put parents’ minds at ease, the school hosted its annual Bye and Cry breakfast after getting children settled in their classrooms. According Christina Stonestreet, parent of kindergartner, Quinn, “I was a little nervous, but I know she’s pretty confident. She was excited. She loves it.” Katie Heavner, parent of pre-k student, Penelope, echoed those sentiments. “ She’s pretty pumped, and I’m excited for her. I know she’s ready for school and to learn." Flintstone principal, Sharon Morgan, was diligently taking photos of each class as the children got situated, and reported back to the parents at the event with photographic proof that their babies were, in fact, doing just fine. When asked if the Bye and Cry event was helpful as a first time parent of a school-aged student, Heavner said, “It is very helpful. I knew she’d do fine, but its nice to actually see pictures of her too.”

Sensory Path Hallway

  • New this year at Flintstone Elementary School is the Sensory Path Hallway, which is available to and used by students with sensory issues as a way to provide opportunities for movement throughout the day. The Sensory Path Hallway was designed and implemented by Behavioral Specialist, Megan Ganoe. Additionally, Flintstone also has two grades, 2nd and 5th, that have implemented alternative seating in the classrooms to help address different student learning styles. 


    Flintstone Elementary School Sensory Path Hallway from ACETV ACPS on Vimeo.