Attendance Unicorn

  • attendance unicorn Washington Middle School is currently offering attendance incentives for students in an effort to stress the importance of being present at school and ready to learn. Each homeroom has set a goal for attendance between 85%-95%, and each room has a system in place to count their days of achievement. When a class reaches 10 days, the homeroom is recognized by the office and is visited by the Attendance Unicorn who delivers a treat and a blue ribbon honoring their success. Homerooms will then start over and will again be recognized at 20, 30, 40, and so on for days achieving their attendance goal. Homerooms that reach 170 will earn a grand prize.


Attendance War

  • war During the months of September and October, students at Washington Middle and Braddock Middle Schools will be competing to have the best attendance rate. The school with the lower attendance rate during the scheduled time period will have to wear the other school's color one day during Homecoming Week. Schools are keeping track of attendance on both a daily and weekly basis.