Community-Based Transition Program

  • Are you a student who is between 18 and 21? Are you working toward a Maryland High School Certificate? You could go to the Allegany County Public Schools Community-Based Transition Program (ACPS-CBTP).

    The program is at Allegany College of Maryland, so you will be on a college campus with students the same age as you. At ACPS-CBTP, you learn skills that will help you when you are an adult. Part of the day, you will be at a job and you will learn skills that will help you get a job of your own. You will learn how to travel around the community and where things you will need as an adult are. Part of the day, you will be in a classroom and practice the math, reading and writing skills you will use as an adult. You will learn how to get along with other people and how to talk with them.  You will also learn how to decide what you need to be successful and how to tell other people that. Then, in addition to work and classroom, part of the day is having fun. You will spend time swimming, playing sports and video games, going for walks and deciding what you like to do for fun.

    Contact Information

    Name:  Brent Simpson, Teacher/SEF
    Location:  Allegany College of Maryland
    Phone: 301-784-5107