• Medical Interventions (MI)
    Course Description:
    • Students investigate the variety of interventions involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease as they follow the lives of a fictitious family.
    • the course is a "How-To" manual for maintaining overall health and homeostasis in the body as students explore: how to prevent and fight infection; how to screen and evaluate the code in human DNA; how to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer; and how to prevail when the organs of the body begin to fail.
    • Through these scenarios, students are exposed to the wide range of interventions related to immunology, surgery, genetics, pharmacology, medical devices, and diagnostics.
    • Lifestyle choices and preventative measures are emphasized throughout the course as well as the important roles scientific thinking and engineering design play in the development of interventions of the future. 
    Some of the Hands-on Activities students will do...
    • Investigate the role diagnostic tests and procedures play in the prevention of disease and the preservation of life.
    • Examine the use of antibiotics and the development of antibiotic resistance.
    • Build a prosthetic device.
    • Measure hearing and examine hearing aid and cochlear implant technology.
    • Investigate the immunological testing required for organ transplant.
    • Explore the impact of societal attitudes on the development and acceptance of medical interventions.