• Name: Melissa Kaye
    Title: STEM Coordinator
    Email: melissa.kaye@acpsmd.org
    Phone: 301-729-6486
    STEM Programs...The future is now!
    Our goals are:
    • to make every K-12 student in Allegany County Public Schools is aware and excited about the broad spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers as viable and attainable career options.
    • to educating the community regarding career opportunities in STEM fields
    • to engage STEM professionals in job shadowing and mentoring
    • to provide internship experiences
    • to provide the rigorous coursework needed to go on to higher education in STEM fields
    STEM education in Allegany County Public Schools provides STEM career awareness opportunities for students in elementary, STEM career exploration at the middle school level; and STEM career preparation at the high school level. 

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