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  • Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs are designed to provide broad career development and skill training for students in the comprehensive high schools and the Center for Career and Technical Education. Programs consist of a 4 - 6 credit sequence of courses in a variety of Career Clusters. Students may choose an occupational completer program as a pathway to graduation or as an elective to add value to the high school course of study. Business/Community Partners work closely with instructors to advise and assist in the development of curriculum that prepares students for successful careers in their chosen career paths. Students completing an occupational program may choose to continue training at two- and four-year colleges or in an apprenticeship program. Students add value to their overall education by completing a CTE program of study. Today's career and technology education programs incorporate rigorous and challenging academic content standards leading to an industry-recognized credential or certification for immediate employment or advanced college standing. According to many national studies, career and technology education graduates are 10 - 15% more likely to be in the labor force and earn 8 - 9% more than graduates of academic programs.

  • Technology Education
    The high school technology education program builds on the middle school model. The Foundations of Technology course is a required graduation credit. This course is designed to help students understand and apply technology concepts and processes. Group and individual learning activities engage students in creating ideas, developing innovations and engineering practical solutions. The elective advanced technology courses are designed for engaging students in academics and general technological studies that lead to the ability to understand how technology's development, control and use is based on design constraints, and human wants and needs. The structure of the courses challenges students to use design processes to think, plan, design and create solutions to engineering concepts, and scientific procedures. Students learn how to comprehend how human conditions and personal preferences drive technological design and problem solving. Students may choose to take two (2) advanced technology courses as a pathway to graduation. Students extend and transfer their knowledge of systems to new and emerging applications by the time they graduate from high school.
    CTE Completer Programs 
    Career Technology Education (CTE) Completer Programs in Allegany County provide high school students with the opportunity to pursue a field of study relevant to their interests beyond high school. Whether students plan to transition to post secondary education opportunities, enter the world of work, or pursue a career under an established apprenticeship program, students in Allegany County have the chance to earn college credit and/or industry credentials by taking advantage of the various programs we have to offer.

    Programs which qualify as CTE Completer Programs are available to students at each High School in Allegany County, with a large majority of program offerings available through the Center for Career and Technical Education. To be a program completer, students must follow a sequential program of course offerings in one of the following programs available to ACPS students at the identified location:

    Center for Career and Technical Education Programs
    1. Academy of Health Professions
    2. Auto Collision Repair (NATEF)
    3. Automotive Technician (NATEF)
    4. Carpentry
    5. Cosmetology
    6. Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    7. Culinary Arts
    8. Electrical Construction and Maintenance
    9. Engineering Technology (PLTW)
    10. Graphic Communications (PrintEd)
    11. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
    12. Industrial Manufacturing
    13. Interactive Media Production
    14. IT Networking Academy
    15. Welding and Metal Technology
    Programs available at the Comprehensive High Schools include:

    1. Biomedical Sciences (PLTW)


    Additional program offerings are always being considered for implementation, and course/program offerings are based on industry needs and student enrollments. Should you wish to obtain additional information on any of the programs available at our schools, please contact your school administration or guidance office.