• On Wednesday, February 22, the Next Generation Scholar Program provided 27 students from Allegany County with Project YES chaperones, Terena Knotts and Tiffany Arnett, a visit to Potomac State College of West Virginia University as part of Engineers Week.   The day focused on STEM in healthcare.  Although the skill level needed varies widely with each career in health, STEM skills are important to healthcare careers.   The day was supported by Bradley Brandon, Admissions Counselor for Potomac State College of West Virginia University. 


    The students day including:

    1. Opening Message from President Gilmer
    2. Meeting Olivia Young, Astrophysicist Candidate, PHD
    3. An interactive STEM Demo on how infectious diseases are spread. 
    4. A STEM Demo of skills needed for nursing. 
    5. Lunch in the college cafeteria with college students. 
    6. Campus Tour
    7. Application/ Financial Aid Question and Answer


  • On January 19th, 2023, Next Generation Scholars Allegany County Coordinator, Leonard Webb, and Mrs. Tanya Vargas-Gomer, Pre-Trial Intervention Coordinator with the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office,  presented the Maryland Scholar program to 168 Freshman at Fort Hill High School.  Maryland Scholars presentations are designed to increase the number/ percentage of students who complete rigorous coursework and are well prepared to succeed in college and the workplace.   

    Students were asked to complete a survey at the end of the event.  According to the survey: 

    • 97% of students believed it was helpful having a MBRT volunteer to talk to them about life after high school 
    • 97% of students felt the MBRT volunteer helped them better understand what steps to take to pursue a career
    • 97% of students felt the MBRT volunteer helped them understand the connection between high school and future college and career options. 

    When students were asked “Today, I learned…”, the responses included: 

    • "I need to plan the next four years of high school" 
    • "ways to do better in school and achieve my dreams" 
    • "the choices I make today effect my future"