January 2024

  • The Next Generation Scholar Program would like to thank Carl Belt, Cumberland YMCA, and CINTAS for sharing their spaces as our students participated in our annual Career Tour.

    The goal of the Career Tour is to start preparing our students for success in the workforce   This year’s Career Tour exposed our students to careers in construction, social work, wellness, fitness, corporate, IT, accounting, and engineering.  They learned about different pathways that included straight into the workforce, apprenticeships, certifications, internships and degrees.

December 2023

  • The first of this year’s Next Generation Scholar College Visits took place at the Garrett County Workplace Development Center, as well as Garrett College Campus. 30 students got to learn about and do some hands on activities, as well as get updated on the financial aid process. Students met with admission counselors, club organizers, student tutors, financial aid representatives, and the wrestling coach. Students did some virtual welding and paramedic training.  

October 2023

  • The Next Generation Scholars Leadership Program focuses on our 4Fs Framework of future, fitness, finances, and fun. Participants learned more about the framework and the application of the principles with a trip to Potomac State College of WVU.

    The day included talking with current college students, financial aid information, mental health awareness, physical fitness as well as several group activities. Scholars from Project YES and all three high schools were able to attend and interact with each other as well as college staff and students.

    The Next Generation Leadership Program is based on the principle that each student has unique qualities that can be applied to leadership and developing those is a key to a successful future.

  • Industry DayIndustry Day is a hands-on work-based learning experience for 100 students statewide. On October 2, led by 8 of MBRT’s Student Ambassadors, attendees engaged with the McCormick team to learn about the Flavor Portfolio, while delving into session topics centering around food science but also featuring other topics such as culinary, marketing, and sensory roles within the company.  Student Ambassadors from Allegany County that participated in the event were Alexis Heavner, Ciarra Ross, and Cole Blank of Fort Hill High School.  The Student Ambassador Program is led by Amaya Carroll, a student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and supervised by Leonard Webb, Next Generation Scholar Program Coordinator, Allegany County.