Out-of-District Requests

    A.    When a student is the child of an Allegany County Public Schools employee who resides in Allegany County, said student may be granted a transfer to a school outside his/her attendance area provided the school is within the attendance area of the employee’s primary work site or home school.
    B.    Primary (PK-K) classrooms with less than 18 students; Grades 1-3 classrooms less than 22 students; Intermediate (Grades 4-5) and middle school (Grades 6-8) classrooms less than 25 students are eligible to accept out-of-district students. 
    C.    Elgibiligy for pre-kindergarten programs will be determined in accordance with the state's student selection criteria. If vacancies still exist in the pre-kindergarten program, then children who do not meet the selection criteria or reside out of the schools' attendance area, may be admitted, pending completion of the out-of-district permit process.
    D.  Schools with existing out-of-district placements that have been established for a sibling(s) will be given consideration for an out-of-district placement before those without an established relationship with the out-of-district school.
    E.    A student's whose parents are required to be outside the home and there is no responsible adult in the child’s home to send him/her to or receive him/her from the home school may apply to attend another school in Allegany County. Any parent requesting an Out-of-District Permit in accordance with this requirement must provide a childcare/day care provided license number (Family Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland Regulation 07.04.01) unless the childcare provider is a relative or not required to register. Requests approved under the provision may be limited to students in grades Pre-K-8. The parent, guardian, or childcare provider will be required to provide transportation if the buses are at capacity as determined by the Allegany County Public Schools Department of Transportation. Students living in the attendance area will have priority for bus transportation. Therefore, transportation for children in supervised childcare cannot be guaranteed, and transportation may become the obligation of the parent by declaration of the Director of Transportation.
    F.    A student whose family moves into a new school district in Allegany County during a respective school year may request an Out-of-District Permit to complete the current school year without transferring schools.  If the student making the request is in grade 11, the request may be extended for an additional year.
    G.  A student who is attending a school outside of his/her district may return to their home school within a year. However, the student will be ineligible for participation in interscholastic athletics and/or extracurricular activities for the duration of the school year.  
    H.  Students may also be granted an Out-of-District Permit for the following reasons:
    •      academic/social interest of the child,
    •      mental health reasons documented by a licensed provider, or
    •      exceptional family circumstances.

    I.  Transportation is not provided to students attending school on an Out-of-District Permit. Parent or guardian must certify that they are able to provide transportation. 

    J.    School administrators have discretion to grant an otherwise ineligible application based upon a probationary contract with the student and parent. 
    A.    Out-of-District Permits may be denied for the following reasons:
    •      Unsatisfactory attendance due to unexcused absences/tardies
    •      Unsatisfactory grades due to missing, incomplete, or unacceptable assignments 
    •      Unsatisfactory conduct
    •      Information on the application is determined to be false
    •      Classroom size  
    B.    Out-of-District Permits requested for transfer within a school year shall be denied except for documented:
    •      Mental health reasons necessitating change of placement as documented by a licensed provider;
    •      Exceptional family circumstances as determined by appropriate supervisors and administrators; and/or
    •      Circumstances described in JC - School Attendance Areas Regulations Section II.E.
    A.  Out-of-District Permit requests must be submitted by June 30. Applications received after June 30 will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

    B.  Applications received by schools or by the Pupil Personnel Worker will be dated upon receipt and processed in chronological order.  

    C.  Pupil Personnel Workers will review an Out-of-District Permit for the following year and coordinate with the applicable school principal.

    D.  A request for an Out-of-District may be submitted to the Pupil Services Secretary at the Central office or the school office. The Out-of-District Permit request (JC-E1) may be obtained at central or school offices or accessed on the district website.  Copies of completed requests will be forwarded to Pupil Services Secretary by school personnel. 

    E.  A Pupil Personnel Worker will review the request for an Out-of-District Permit and discuss with respective principals the impact of the request on the sending and receiving schools prior to making a recommendation. 

    F.  School administrators must approve or deny all requests for an Out-of-District Permit based on standards found in JC - School Attendance Areas Regulations Sections II and III. 

    For more information, contact the Pupil Services Department at 301-759-2001.