Child Abuse & Neglect

  • The General Assembly, through Title 5, Subtitle 7, of “The Family Law Article” of the Annotated Code of Maryland 1988, declares as its legislative intent and purpose the protection of children who have been the subject of abuse and/or neglect by mandating the reporting of suspected abuse and/or neglect, by extending immunity to those who report in good faith, by requiring prompt investigations of such reports, and by causing immediate, cooperative efforts by the responsible agencies on behalf of such children. The Department of Social Services is charged with the responsibility of receiving and investigating complaints of child abuse and/or neglect. A child is any person under the age of 18. All school system employees, including volunteers, who contact, examine, attend, or treat a child, and who believe or have reason to believe that the child has been abused and/or neglected, are required to make a report in the following manner:
    • Any individual who suspects that a child has been subjected to abuse and/or neglect shall notify the Allegany County Department of Social Services (DSS) at 301-784-7111/7122 or by calling 911 when DSS cannot be reached.
    • The reporting individual shall notify the school administration.
    • The school administration will notify the Pupil Services Department at 301-759-2001.
    • DSS will notify Pupil Services when the Protective Services working will be at the school to begin the investigation. In cases of suspected sexual abuse, a law enforcement agency officer is mandated by law to be present during the investigation.