School Counseling

  • Mission Statement
    In accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, the school counselor will facilitate the personal and academic growth of all students; the school counselor will assist in the development of educational and career decision-making skills; and the school counselor will promote the enhancement of interpersonal skills.

    Vision Statement
    The school counseling program in Allegany County will be a comprehensive, consistent, and developmental program for all students. The school counseling program in Allegany County will be an integral part of the curriculum necessary to support the success of all students.

    The philosophy for the Allegany County School Counseling Program is based upon the following beliefs:
    All children need school counseling that is related to personal and academic growth, education, career decision making, and social interaction skills.

    School Counseling is an integral part of the child’s total educational experience.

    Each child has certain needs, rights and responsibilities within the educational system.

    School Counseling is a unique, planned program initiated by the school counselor and shared by students, staff, parents and community.

    Each school counseling program is unique in methods and staff required to deliver school services. School Counseling services consist of counseling, networking, consulting, and referring. Additional services include appraisal, dissemination of information, and academic and social placement for all students. These services are intended to help students:
    • demonstrate personal and academic growth
    • make personal, academic, and career decisions unique to each student
    • utilize productive interaction skills with peers


    The Roles of the School Counselor in ACPS from ACETV ACPS on Vimeo.