Project Y.E.S.

  • Project Y.E.S. stands for Youth Experiencing Success.  Project Y.E.S. goals include:

    • Improving daily attendance, academic performance and social skills
    • Developing good study and organizational skills, good communication skills, and a strong sense of independence and identity
    • Setting healthy expectations, and educational and career goals

    Project Y.E.S. targets students in grades 8 through 10 primarily, but may monitor students through graduation.

    Project Y.E.S. will teach basic skills in reading and math, address study and organizational skills, monitor progress, develop career activities, plan for transitioning from middle to high school and beyond, and develop a working relationship between the parent and the school.

    Project Y.E.S. offers student incentives and rewards for positive attititude, good grades, good attendance, and showing improvement.  Students may earn opportunities such as job shadowing, field trips and/or cultural activities.

    Project Y.E.S. Coordinators
    Terena Roberts - Allegany High, Braddock Middle, and Career Center
    Tiffany Arnett - Fort Hill High, Washington Middle, and Career Center
    Robyn Miltenberger - Mountain Ridge High, Mt. Savage Middle, Westmar Middle, and Career Center