Home Schooling

  • Maryland law, Education Article,§ 7-301, Annotated Code of Maryland, Compulsory Attendance, and COMAR 13A.10.10.01 states that each child who resides in Maryland and is 5 years old or older and under 16 shall attend a public school regularly during the entire school year unless the child is otherwise receiving regular , thorough schooling during the school year in the studies usually taught in the public school to children of the same age. Maryland recognizes nonpublic schools and home schooling as options to public school enrollment for students to receive regular, thorough instruction.

    A parent/guardian who desires to home school a child should contact the Pupil Services Department at 301-759-2001. Each year parents must verify the continuation of home schooling. Additionally, parents must notify the Pupil Service Department if the child’s home schooling status changes during the school year.

FAQs about Home School Instruction

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