Westmar Early Learning Center

  • We are happy to announce plans for the opening of the Westmar Early Learning Center in the Fall 2022!

    What is it?

    The Westmar Early Learning Center will serve as a hub for services to benefit young children and their families.  The Center will offer the following programs for the George’s Creek and Westernport communities:


    • Pre-K 3 (3 year olds) Classroom—2 half day sessions

    Pre-K 4 (4 year olds) Classroom—2 full day programs

    Pre-K 4 Classroom-1 half day if needed based on registration

    Pre-K Partners Classroom (3 and 4 year olds with special needs)

    • A Judy Center
    • Sensory Room
    • Infants and Toddlers Office

    Head Start

    • Early Head Start Classroom—toddlers
    • Head Start Classroom—1 half day session for 3 and 4 year olds

    Where is it?

    The early learning classrooms and offices will be housed in sections of Westmar Middle School, a convenient location for both communities.

    How do I register my child?

    For the ACPS programs, follow the procedures outlined for school registration.  Contact your child’s home school when registration dates are announced to set up an appointment to bring documents and complete registration.  See the ACPS website for details.  Although all George’s Creek and Westernport pre-k programs will be housed in the Westmar Early Learning Center at Westmar Middle School, students will be designated as belonging to their in-district school.