Immunizations for School Admission

Maryland Immunization Requirements

  • All children must have the required State of Maryland immunizations in order to attend school. Parents are responsible for providing proof of immunization to the school prior to the student attending or proof of an appointment for necessary immunizations within 20 calendar days of the first day of school.

    Students out of compliance or without evidence of an appointment for necessary immunizations may not be admitted to school.


    Immunization Exceptions

    • A medical contraindication (exemptions for specific immunizations) signed by a physician.
    • A lost or destroyed record statement signed by a parent. Proof of measles and rubella immunization by a blood test must be presented. Revaccination may be required. For assistance, contact the Allegany County Health Department.
    • A religious exemption statement signed by a parent.
    • The school principal may temporarily admit a homeless student.



    The MD Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene Immunization Certificate should include the dates of all completed vaccines and be signed by the child’s doctor, health care provider, day care provider or school official. A parent’s signature is not permitted.

    Records from a previously attended school are accepted only if they are the most up to date copies.

    In some cases a computer-generated record may be acceptable if all needed information and signature are included. A health department official may also sign proof of immunizations.