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Phone: 301-759-2024


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Mr. Larry McKenzie, CPA

Chief Finance Officer

The Chief Finance Officer manages, plans, and directs the operations and delivery of all financial services and functions.  The Chief Finance Officer also advises the Superintendent and Board of Education on all aspects of the budget, while promoting efficiency and public confidence.


  • The Finance Department is responsible for the oversight of the financial and business operations of the Allegany County Public Schools System. The purpose of the Finance Department is to support the instructional and business programs of the school system. The Finance Department enables the Instructional Departments and the other business programs to focus their energy and vision on their functional areas and ways to help students succeed. The Finance Department serves the taxpayers by providing fiscally responsible management of the community’s resources for education.

    This office manages the budget development process and ensures that funds are targeted to meet the goals, objectives, and established priorities of the school system. The Finance Department is also responsible for monitoring revenues and expenditures to ensure that the school system operates within its available funding and is in compliance with state and federal laws.

    The Finance Department strives to provide financial reporting that ensures decision makers, both internal and external, have the financial data they need to make responsible decisions. The Finance Department enhances educational opportunities through good stewardship and by ensuring that instruction remains the focus of decision making related to funding.

    The Finance Department is responsible for all accounting functions system- wide, including general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable/cash receipts, grants accounting, capital projects accounting, banking and investments, school activity fund accounting, payroll services, retiree benefits, maintaining the AS400 computerized financial system, all required state and federal reporting and ongoing monitoring and training.

    The Finance Department processes approximately 1,750 pays biweekly and prepares and processes all W-2 and 1099 forms internally at the year end.

    The staff maintains a high level of expertise in government accounting and bookkeeping. The Finance Department is responsible for working with the State Department of Education, local Board members, vendors, contractors, employees and the general public on all financial matters related to the Allegany County School System.

    The Allegany County Board of Education is included as a component unit of Allegany County, Maryland as defined in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) since the Board is fiscally dependent on Allegany County, Maryland.

    The Allegany County Board of Education’s financial records are audited annually. Financial reports and statements can be viewed on this site by using the links provided.

    The Finance Department's financial records are designed to provide citizens, taxpayers, parents, and students with a general overview of the School System's finances and to demonstrate its accountability for the money it receives. If you have questions about the finance department or wish to request additional financial information or would like to submit ideas or cost-cutting strategies, you can contact the finance department at (301) 759-2024 or or write to The Board of Education of Allegany County, 108 Washington Street, Cumberland, Maryland 21502.

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