Parent/Family Engagement

  • ACPS welcomes parents/families as important team members in the educational process.  Research proves that student achievement is positively impacted by the involvement of parents/families in their child's education.  All Title I schools implement the Parent/Family Engagement Policy of the ACPS and align their plans with the ACPS Parent/Family Engagement Plan.

    Each school develops a Parent/Family Engagement Plan and proposed budget as part of its School Improvement Plan with input from parents.  Each school's Parent/Family Engagement Plan and budget are shared with parents.  The implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the plan are ongoing through parent participation and feedback Parent/Family Engagement Plans are available on each school's website for parent/community review and comment.

    Parent/Family Engagement Plan activities at each school are supported by the Title I Family Engagement Coordinators.  The coordinators arrange workshops and assist parents and staff with parent programs at their assigned schools.  The Title I parent involvement staff includes:


    1. Laura Biser,, Beall, Cash Valley, Northeast
    2. Heather Eisenhour, Flintstone, South Penn
    3. Delsie Fazenbaker,, George's Creek, Mt. Savage, West Side, Westernport
    4. Edith Whitehead, John Humbird