Information Technology

  • The Office of Information Technology serves as a joint operation for program development and network administration, computer support and repairs, database application support in support of student information, financial systems, human resources, payroll, food service, operations and transportation.

    Information Systems

    Information Systems provides support to the Allegany County School System with regards to all financials (G/L, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Payroll, and Fixed Assets), Human Resources and Personnel Information, and Pupil Services, which include student scheduling, student records (grades and grade history, including graduate records), and registration and enrollment, attendance, special education, food service, and suspension information. Student service information is provided not only to central administration but to individual schools and the Maryland Department of Education on a regular basis (daily, monthly and yearly reporting.) Hosted systems for student information reside in the Follett-Aspen system with a local administrator, and one technician. Hosted systems for Financials, Human Resources and Payroll reside on the Tyler-Munis system with two local administrators. Program development is processed in RPG, Cold Fusion, as well as other dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming languages like Ruby and Python. Web applications provide for data gathering, inquiry and reporting as well as performance management and analysis. Program development is supported by three qualified staff.

    Network Administration & Repair

    Network Administration and Repair supports each school, central office, maintenance and operations, and transportation.  This area requires knowledge of computers, servers, network layouts, LCD projectors, building wiring, safety and security devices, phone systems, and TV systems.   Technicians rotate daily between the school systems to process repairs reported via a work order tracking system.  As well, techs will receive, setup and install, deliver and provide basic training on new equipment received and process obsolete equipment for recycling.  There are four staff members, technicians. This department also provides for the full support of network operations to ensure that the infrastructure which supports the wired and wireless networks is operational for the entire school system and Allegany County Public Library. Network operations encompass knowledge and configuration of the switching and routing equipment for the Local and Wide Area Network within the school system, UPS equipment and wireless devices, and Disaster Recovery preparedness in the event of an emergency. Network MD provides 10G fiber optic broadband Internet services. There are three professional analysts that support these functions.