ACPS Screening and Supplemental Instruction

  • The Allegany County Public School System conducts screening using the mClass DIBELS 8 screener three times per year with all students in grades kindergarten through three.  Students in grades four and five also may be screened.  As needed, secondary screeners are used to better identify specific areas of need for supplemental instruction.  Each school is staffed with a reading interventionist.  The supplemental instruction and intervention programs may be provided by the interventionist or other school staff who have been trained in the reading programs.  By conducting collaborative meetings, the staff is able to determine the best course of action for individual students, monitor student growth, document progress, and make program changes when necessary.  Parents are notified after screening if their child has been identified as at risk for reading difficulties, are provided information on the supplemental instruction their child will receive, and are informed if the supplemental program changes based on data.

    Parents are encouraged to read the included document, Improving Literacy Brief - Understanding Screening, to gain more insight into screening and assessment.