• In November 2017, the school board contracted with Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) for consultant services for facility utilization and analysis of elementary schools in ACPS. FEA was charged with assessing the physical condition and educational adequacy of the schools as well as bus routing scenarios prior to giving a recommendation to the Blue Ribbon Commission, which was formed to serve as a resource to the school board to work collaboratively with FEA.

    The Blue Ribbon Commission in ACPS consists of community leaders, including those outside of education, and provides FEA with relative and important information and perspectives regarding the task of adjusting attendance boundaries for more efficient and effective utilization of school capacity.


    Blue Ribbon Commission Membership

    • Dr. Matthew Crawford
    • Deborah Hendrickson
    • Meredith Irons
    • Samantha Isom
    • Carlie Johnson
    • Melissa Nelson
    • Jodi Stanton
    • Robin Summerfield
    • Jen Thomas
    • Robert Stevenson
    • Autumn Eirich