2024-2025 High School Course Selection Information

  •              1.    On your internet browser, key in the following address:  https://md-allegany.myfollett.com

                 2.    Key in your Login ID and Password

    Login ID:  lastname.firstname

    Password:  1234     

                3.  Click on the My Info  tab

                 4.   Click on Request (side tab)

                 5.   Your selections will be based on the grade specific course selection sheet

                 6.   Select each Subject Area to choose from the options available

                 7.   You may add notes for your guidance counselor for specific needs such as:  Mountain Ridge, Jazz Band meets early morning period 8, selecting Yearbook or Newspaper options.   Any specific requests should be noted here.

                 8.   Once you have selected your courses, you may choose the Post option at the bottom of the screen to validate your requests and    display your credit count.  Validation will indicate whether you have selected all requirements or too many to fit in your  schedule.

                 9.    You may continue to logon and make changes until the selection process window is closed.

             10.    Changes can be made to your course selections from 02/26/24 – 03/01/24.

             11.    Please refer to the Programs of Study for course selection descriptions.  The High School Programs of Study is available in the schools and on the ACPS website http://acpsmd.org.  Click the Parents and Students tab then Student Resources tab from drop down menu. 2024-2025 High School Programs of Study can be found on the left as well as additional 2024-2025 Course Selection Sheets.

    NOTE: The 2024-2025 High School Programs of Study and the 2024-2025 Course Selection Sheets are PDF documents.  You must have ADOBE Reader to access these documents.  If they will not load for you please visit http://www.adobe.com  and Download ADOBE READER for FREE.



    2024-2025 10th Grade Course Selection Sheet

    2024-2025 11th Grade Course Selection Sheet

    2024-2025 12th Grade Course Selection Sheet