You must complete the Concussion in Sports training and renew it every 2 years.  This is FREE!

    Visit: to take the training.

    Turn your completion certificate in to your Athletic Director.


    CoCNFHS How to become a Credentialed Interscholastic Coach! 

    All Coaches that do not hold a teaching certificate must become Credentialed Coaches. To accomplish this, all coaches that do not hold a teaching certificate must:

    • complete the One-Credit Course in the Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries. This course includes but is not limited to: Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR/AED, First Aid, and Sport-Specific Rules. Coaches must also be re-certified yearly in CPR/AED training. Your Athletic Director will coordinate trainings each year with our BLS Instructor.
    • possess an MPSSAA/MSDE Coach Certification, which means completion of the NFHS Level 1 Coaching Certification or MSDE Approved In-Service Coaching Education Program prior to the start of his or her fourth year as a coach. This certification consists of two (2) online courses: “Fundamentals of Coaching” and a “Sports Specific” course. Please check with your Athletic Director for which course you should choose. 


    Directions for taking the NFHS Online Courses:

    •   Go to
    •   Register or Sign-In
    •   Click “Courses” on the top toolbar and from the drop down list; choose “Fundamentals of Coaching” or “Sport-Specific Courses” and then choose your sport. If your sport is not listed, you can just pick one that is available.
    •   Click on “Purchase Now”
    •   Choose the option “I am purchasing a course for myself” and “Continue”
    •   Choose “Maryland” from the drop down list and click “Save”
    •   The cost for the Fundamentals of Coaching course will be $35 and $50 for the Sports Specific course. Continue “Checkout” and enter your credit card information. There will be a link on your receipt that you click to take the courses.
    •   Congratulations!After successful completion of each course, you will be able to print out a Certificate of Completion. Please remember to submit a copy of your certificate to the Athletics Department to be kept on file. 


    NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach

    The coach must complete the following courses:

    • NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
    • Fundamentals of Coaching ( Sport-specific) or Teaching Sport Skills
    • Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (Offered by ACPS - Taught @ FSU)
    • Concussion in Sports

    Required Core Courses:

    Sport-Specific Courses:

    Elective Courses:


     **fulfills the requirement for "General Certification". 

    If your sport's course is not yet available you can still Get Certified!