2024-2025 Middle School Course Selection Information


    Student Log-in Instructions for Aspen

    On your internet browser, key in the following address: https://md-allegany.myfollett.com

    1. Key in your Log-in ID and Password
    2. Click on the My Info
    3. Click on Request (side tab).
    4. Directions are printed in each INSTRUCTION box.
    5. Your selections will be based on the grade specific course selection
    6. When your selection process is complete, press LOG OFF – in the top right
    7. Changes can be made to your course selections from 03/18/2024–03/22/2024.

    2024-2025 Middle School Handbook and Course Selection Sheets are located on the ACPS website http://acpsmd.org.  Select the Parents & Students (top tab).  Select the Student Resources tab from the drop-down menu. Under Student Resources, select 2024-2025 Middle School Information Booklet or 2024-2025 Middle School Course Selection Information. 

    If you have any questions about the instructions, please contact your child's school administrator or school counselor for assistance. Thank you for working with your child to select courses for the 2023-2024 school year. 

    NOTE: The 2024-2025 Course Selection Sheets are PDF documents. You must have ADOBE Reader to access these documents. If they will not load for you, please visit http://adobe.com and Download ADOBE READER for FREE.