Elementary Summer Learning Programs 2022

  • ACPS is excited to offer an in-person summer learning program for all students currently registered in Allegany County Public Schools. It's a wonderful opportunity for students to extend his or her learning and ensure readiness for the next grade level in the 2022-2023 school year. Below is information about the program. Please use the links provided to complete the Registration Form online. If you need a paper form, please contact your child's home school. We look forward to working with your child this summer!

    1. Cresaptown Site (servicing Cresaptown, Bel Air, West Side)
    2. South Penn Site (servicing South Penn, John Humbird, Flintstone, Judy Center)
    3. George's Creek Site (servicing George's Creek, Westernport, Judy Center)
    4. Frost Site (servicing Frost, Beall, Mt. Savage)
    5. Parkside Site (servicing Parkside, Cash Valley, Northeast) 



    Students will be instructed by qualified ACPS teachers.  Many of the staff may be from your child’s school!  Each session will be focused on teaching structured lessons in reading and math.  An interactive approach will be used to engage students in learning.  All lesson activities will support your child’s skill development and readiness for participation in the next grade level.  Fun, age-appropriate activities with incentives will be included.

    Your child will be finished each day in time to enjoy the many activities of summer. While we understand families like to enjoy some down-time during the summer, WE HOPE YOU SEE THE VALUE IN THIS FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY AND WILL CONSIDER GIVING YOUR CHILD THE EXTRA BENEFIT OF SHARPENING THEIR ACADEMIC SKILLS.   Your child will get to see many of his / her friends, have fun, and learn!!


    Transportation by school bus will be provided if eligibility is met. Guidelines for transportation eligibility are included on the online Summer Learning Program registration form. There may be dedicated centralized locations (such as the home school site) to the Summer School sites.  Parents may also choose to transport their children.  Students who live within the mile radius of the school site should plan to walk or be transported by parents. 


    All necessary learning materials and tools will be provided.  Students will be given a meal each day provided by ACPS food service.  

Elementary Education

Jackie Enright

Contact Information

    The Supervisors of Elementary Education provide leadership in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the instructional programs for students in Pre-kindergarten through grade five in fourteen elementary schools. Mrs. Jackie Enright, provides leadership in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the Early Childhood programs which includes the Judith P. Hoyer Center and the elementary reading program. She also serves as a  resource person for administrators, faculties, School Improvement Teams, and community organizations.  Mr. Michael McGowan, provides leadership in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the elementary curriculum for grades 1-5.  He also serves as a resource person for administrators, faculties, School Improvement Teams, and community organizations.

    Allegany County Public Schools operates Pre-kindergarten through grade five elementary instructional programs for students in fourteen elementary schools. The elementary curriculum is aligned with the Maryland College & Career Ready Standards based on the Common Core Curriculum.  The elementary program places high priority on development of basic skills, as well as challenging each student to reach the maximum of his/her potential.  Elementary programs provide students with activities designed to meet each child's physical, social and intellectual development.  Select the appropriate grade level link at the left for an explanation of grade level expectations.