Food Allergy Policy

Posted by Mia Cross on 9/16/2015 11:15:00 AM

Emily Cerda, parent, asked ACPS what the status of the district wide food allergy policy was that was being discussed by the school board last year.  To answer Ms. Cerda's question, the school board approved the second reading of the policy on February 10, 2015. The purpose of this policy is "to establish procedures to reduce the effect of food allergies on the performance of students during the school day." Food allergies may affect a student's health and academic performance.  In order to promote a healthy and safe educational environment for students with food allergies, the Superintendent shall develop and implement a plan for the avoidance and management of food allergy situations occurring during the school day.  Such a plan will be based on the medical diagnosis and documentation provided by the parent or guardian of a student with known food allergies.  The policy regulations provide the information regarding the specific plan. Click either link to view this policy (File: JLCEB) and it's regulations (File: JLCEB-R1).