Member Profiles

  • The Board of Education consists of five members, who are elected for four-year terms, an ex-officio member from the Board of Commissioners of Allegany County, and the Superintendent of Schools, who serves as Secretary- Treasurer. Effective July 1,1994, the Board includes a non-voting student member who serves one year. To qualify for the position of student member on the Board, a student must be a full-time senior in the Allegany County Public School System, be a bona fide resident of Allegany County for at least two years, be of good character and in good standing in an Allegany County public school, and be nominated and elected in his/her junior year by a method selected by the Allegany County Association of Student Councils. The student member will not attend Executive Sessions. The auditor for the Board is Huber, Michaels, and Company, PA. Mr. G. Gary Hanna serves as the Board's attorney.