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    Section Title Policy Title Policy Regulations Exhibit Adopted
    G-Personnel Nondiscrimination/Equal Employment Opportunity GBA GBA-R  09/14/2021
    G-Personnel Sexual Discrimination & Harassment GBAA GBAA-R  3/13/2007
    G-Personnel Employee Use of Social Media GBDA GBDA-R  09/12/2021
    G-Personnel Staff Ethics GBEA GBEA-R  11/09/2021
    G-Personnel Employee Conduct - Disciplinary Action GBEB GBEB-R  3/13/2007
    G-Personnel Staff Dress Code GBEBA GBEBA-R  8/9/2011
    G-Personnel Staff Conduct with Students GBEBB GBEBB-R GBEBB-E  9/12/2018
    G-Personnel Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Free Workplace GBEC GBEC-R  10/10/2023
    G-Personnel Coaches Ejection Policy GBED  7/18/2017
    G-Personnel Staff Health & Safety GBE GBE-R  3/13/2007
    G-Personnel Staff Grievances GBF  7/18/2017
    G-Personnel Employee Participation in Political Activities GBH GBH-1  10/9/2012
    G-Personnel Personnel Records GBI  3/13/2007
    G-Personnel Staff Data Privacy GBIA GBIA-R GBIA-E1 and 2  9/12/2016
    G-Personnel Leave Policy GBJ GBJ-R  7/18/2017
    G-Personnel Employee Personal/Family Illness Leave GBK  3/13/2007
    G-Personnel Telecommunications Responsible Use GBM  5/9/2017
    G-Personnel Staff Complaints GBN GBN-R  1/9/2018
    G-Personnel Jury/Witness Duty GBP  3/13/2007
    G-Personnel Reduction in Force GBRL  7/18/2017
    G-Personnel Evaluation of Professional Staff/Teachers GCAG GCAG-R  06/14/2016
    G-Personnel Emergency Suspension of Employees GCBG  03/13/2007
    G-Personnel Hiring and Promotions GCD GCD-R  02/08/2022
    G-Personnel Substitutes GCE GCE-R  11/14/2017
    G-Personnel Evaluation of Classified Employees GDN GDN-R  04/12/22
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