Name: Vince Montana
Title: Director
Email: vincent.montana@acpsmd.org
Phone: 301-759-2830

Name: William Marley
Title: Supervisor of Maintenance, School Construction & Energy
Email: william.marleyiii@acpsmd.org
Phone: 301-759-2830

Name: Mitzi Morgan
Title: Administrative Secretary
Email: mitzi.morgan@acpsmd.org 
Phone: 301-759-2830

Name: Amy Krumpach
Title: Secretary
Email: amy.krumpach@acpsmd.org
Phone: 301-759-2830
The Director of Facilities is responsible for the administration and supervision of the facilities and grounds maintenance of the Allegany County Public School System, including project programming, budgeting, and adherence to Board policies and procedures overseeing facilities. 
The facilities department is responsible for the development and oversight of the Five-Year Master Plan for Facilities.  A requirement of MSDE, the funding to achieve the goals in the plan are obtained through collaboration with Maryland's Interagency Committee on School Construction.
The facilities department is responsible for routine maintenance and improvements on existing properties operated by the Allegany County Board of Education.  The responsibilities of our maintenance department extends to 22 school sites, the transportation offices, the warehouse, and central office. 
The Director of Facilities is also responsible for the following departments: