April is Library Media Month!

School libraries play a powerful role in enabling, informing, and sustaining student agency, and nothing engages and motivates students more deeply than allowing them to become the active agents in the process of learning. Research has demonstrated overwhelmingly those students who have agency in their learning are more motivated, experience greater satisfaction in their learning, and, consequently, are more likely to achieve academic success.

As students are instructed by library media specialists using the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework, along with the Universal Design for Learning strategies; these educators form valuable relationships with students, meeting with them consistently over a seven year period at the elementary level, committed to impacting students’ learning for successful educational experiences.
library media month The school board honored Deborah Hendrickson, school library media specialist at Westernport Elementary School for her 41 years as a school library media specialist for ACPS. She has mentored, modeled, presented, created, and mastered library management and skills. She has been the contact working with the BOE in assisting to design past and present circulation systems and has provided professional development to the schools. T

The school board also honored Steve Milburn, Instructional Technology Web Developer, for his dedication, commitment, and expertise in creating the new ACPS circulation system called Junto. Based on the requests of library media specialists, Steve designed a system that is effective, efficient, and meets the needs of staff and students. His intelligence and creativity is a talent, and ACPS is very fortunate to have him. 


Name:  Lisa Stevenson
Title:  Coordinator
Phone:  301-759-2027
Name:  Pat Kaylor
Title:  Clerical Assistant
Phone:  301-759-2080
The Coordinator of Library Media provides supportive supervision in all areas such as budgeting, professional development, instructional evaluation, and library management for the implementation of successful programs at all school levels. 
Program Vision
The School Library Media Program of Allegany County is an integral part of the learning process. The school library media specialist uses state and national standards and curricula to maintain a program that supports life-long learning. In each school, the school library media specialist assists the learning community in becoming active and creative locators, evaluators, and users of information.
Program Mission
The School Library Media Program provides instruction, resources, and services to assist the learning community in becoming effective users of ideas and information. Qualified professionals accomplish this mission by:
  • Providing access and direct instruction in the use of information sources
  • Providing instruction in information and technology literacy and its socially responsible use
  • Providing exposure to a variety of literature and inspiring life-long readers
  • Providing instruction through a student-centered program to support student achievement and college and career readiness
  • Providing a program through leadership and collaboration that functions as the information and technology center of the school community 
Program Goals & Objectives
  • Support educational goals at all levels (local, state, and national)
  • Focus on achievement of the school library media standards and curricula
  • Promote lifelong reading, listening, and viewing habits
  • Support reading instruction for academic and personal success
  • Promote independent student learning and ethical use of print and electronic resources
  • Promote professional development in instructional and informational technologies for all staff members
  • Promote opportunities for collaborative planning with the school media specialist and other faculty members
  • Provide for appropriate certified staff and work toward securing support staff
  • Provide professional development for school library media staff
  • Provide access to an organized, diverse collection in all formats that support the curricula
  • Ensure a quality collection of instructional materials by using a selection policy and collection development plan
  • Provide resource sharing to expand the availability of instructional materials
  • Provide for improvement through periodic review of the mission, goals, and objectives
  • Provide curriculum enrichment opportunities for all students and staff through utilizing computers and technology