• Use project and problem-based learning, clinical, work-based learning, and job shadowing experiences and classroom and lab instruction to get prepared for the health care field.

    Employment of healthcare occupations is growing faster than all other occupations. This projected growth is mainly due to an aging population, leading to greater demand for healthcare services.*

    This two-year college and career ready course is designed to prepare students for careers in health care. Students will be able to explore many medical specialties and participate in experiences that focus on the specific knowledge, skills and abilities that relate to the medical specialty they are most interested.

    Engage in our new Zspace 3D technology that utilizes augmented and virtual reality to supplement student learning. Students can dissect, analyze, and explore human organs and specimens to enhance their understanding of anatomy and physiology.

    * United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics  - https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/home.htm.


    • participate in hands-on clinical experiences
    • have the opportunity to be certified in the following:
      • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
      • Pharmacy Technician
      • Certified Nursing Assistant
      • Geriatric Nursing Assistant
    • have the opportunity for admission to ACM allied health program
    • earn credits toward a college degree

  • Project based hands-on LEARNING SKILLS:

    • Transferring patients with state of the art equipment
    • Assessing overall patient condition
    • Providing care for patients in multiple settings
    • Health care provider CPR
    • Completing sterile procedures
    • Drawing blood & administering injectable medications
    • Performing EKG’s
    • Resume and portfolio development
    • Filling prescriptions
    • Assisting with physical examinations