• Hello to CASH VALLEY parents and staff! Welcome back to a brand new school year! I am Amanda Hawkins with the UMD Extension Snap-Ed Program. We are a partner with CASH VALLEY ELEMENTARY this year, bringing nutrition education to the students and finding ways to support and connect with families. Today I would like to invite you to sign up for T2BH. This is a texting program for parents and staff. If you sign up you will receive 2 texts each week that will give you a little nudge toward making healthy choices. For example: You may get a link to a healthy recipe or a head’s up about produce for sale at your local market. Now more than ever it’s great to know we have support to help us do what’s best for our family. Now, simply get out your phone and text CASH to 30644-just like this. Once you do, it will ask your first name only. Follow the prompts-it’s quick and easy and in a few days you will receive your first text! T2BH and CASH VALLEY. Partners in health for you and your family.
    Remember to text CASH to 30644! Sign up today.