• Northeast School hopes you appreciate the personal attention and personal contacts that our school nurse, Mrs. Carney, will make during the school year. She will call you when there are extended days of absence to offer advice in the treatment of your child’s illness, assist you in getting connected with appropriate medical help, and do everything possible to make your child well to return to the classroom. When you are aware your child will be out of school for whatever reason, please contact the school. We like keeping communication lines open. Please return the pink emergency card to school as soon as possible. These cards are kept on file in the health room. Also, please keep in mind that the health room is not a clinic and injuries and illnesses that occur at home should be treated by the family physician or the hospital emergency room not the school nurse, but please provide the school nurse with any doctor’s orders when a child needs treatment at school.

    The health room is not a pharmacy and does not keep over the counter medications. If your child requires any type of medication including cough drops, Tylenol, Benedryl, prescription drugs, etc. a Medication Form must be completed by your physician. We legally cannot, and will not, administer any medications without the complete written instructions from the prescribing physician on the Medication Form. These forms are available in the health room or the physician’s office. When we have the completed form, only then will medication be administered. Medication must be received in its original bottle from the parent or guardian. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING MEDICATIONS TO SCHOOL.


    ****Nurse Lisa needs a "new" doctor's order for each medicine at the beginning of the school year. Orders are only good for one school year.