• Bridges to Opportunity
    Daily Bell/Time Schedule

    7:40 AM          First Bell (Dismissal from the cafeteria)

    7:50 AM          Warning bell

    7:55 --   8:00    Announcements

    8:03 --   9:19    Block One

    9:22 -- 10:41    Block Two

    10:44 -- 1:25    Block Three (Divided into four shifts)

    10:44 - 11:22  Shift One (6th Grade Lunch)
    11:25 - 12:03  Shift Two (7th Grade Lunch)
    12:06 - 12:44  Shift Three (8th Grade Lunch)
    12:47 -   1:25  Shift Four (all grades in class)

    1:28 -- 2:45      Block Four


    We recognize students who have achieved academic excellence each of the four marking periods during the school year by listing them on the Honor Roll. The Honor Roll list is published in the Cumberland Times-News, and posted in the “Honor Roll” bulletin Board which is located in the hallway outside the library.  Students who have all A's, all A's and B's, or all A's, B's, and one C are eligible for the Honor Roll.  There are three honor roll categories:

    Principal's List --  listing students who have achieved all A's for the marking period;

    Honor Roll --  listing students who have all A's and B's for the marking period;

    Honorable Mention --  listing students who have all A's, B's, and one C for the marking period.