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  • Accelerated Reader

    We concluded the schoolwide Accelerated Reader program in spring 2020, after 29 years of participation. Currently, only grade four and five students participate in Accelerated Reader, with the classroom teachers at those grade levels managing the day-to-day use of the website. Mrs. Hendrickson is still the site administrator. Accelerated Reader quizzes may only be taken at school from 8:30 AM-3:30 PM. 

    Accelerated Reader quizzes may only be taken at school between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. AR Quizzes may not be taken at home. The Accelerated Reader quiz site and Accelerated Reader Bookfinder may be found in the "For Students" section of this website. The AR Bookfinder will help your child to determine the interest level (IL), reading level (RL) and point value (AR Pts.) of almost any book in the school library, public library, classroom library,  as well as books in your home.

    Please also encourage your children also use the myON website (found on our school homepage/bookmarks) to access over 6,500 ebooks. Students can use the Clever icon to log in more quickly, but the myON icon will take them to the site as well. (myON means myONLINE library!) Accelerated Reader quizzes may be taken on most myON books.

  • Book Fair
    The Book Fair will be held from March 11-15, 2024. Online shopping will be available through March 24th.
  • Weekly Book Exchange
    Grade K, 1 & 2: one book
    Grade 3, 4 & 5: two books
    Students should return their books weekly or bring them back for renewal.
  • Meet Mrs. Hendrickson
    Mrs. Hendrickson has been the full-time teacher-librarian at WES since 1987. She previously worked part-time at WES and at McCoole, Columbia Street and Northeast Schools. Mrs. Hendrickson enjoys working with the children of her former students! She also loves books, computers, her family, and cats! Mrs. Hendrickson is a native of Pittsburgh.

    The School Library Media Program provides instruction, resources, and services to assist the learning community in becoming effective users of ideas and information. Qualified professionals accomplish this mission by:

    *Providing access to a variety of information sources

    *Providing exposure to a variety of literature

    *Providing instruction through a student-centered program to develop life-long readers and learners

    *Providing a program through leadership and collaboration that functions as the information center of the school community


    *The School Library Media Program of Allegany County is an integral part of the learning process.

    *The school library media specialist uses state and national standards and curricula to maintain a program that supports life-long learning.

    *In each school, the school library media specialist assists the learning community in becoming active and creative locators, evaluators, and users of information.