Recognition Programs

    Washington Middle School recognizes students for Rising Star and Shining Star honors twice a year. The first ceremony takes place during the month of December and the second ceremony will take place in April.

    Rising Stars and Shining Stars are nominated by a teacher. It is possible for a student to be a rising star in one subject area and a shining star in another area subject area. Students may be nominated by more than one teacher.

    A Rising Star is nominated by a teacher for showing substantial improvement in a class or classes. He/She is assuming a greater level of responsibility for his/her learning. The Rising Star is exhibiting characteristics such as respect, responsibility, and cooperation. The Rising Star is showing an increase in participation within the classroom

    The Shining Star recognizes the importance of being an independent learner. He/She participates fully in the classroom and reveals the primary characteristics such as respect, responsibility, and cooperation. In addition, the Shining Star displays other exemplary characteristics in the classroom, such as integrity, leadership, dependability, enthusiasm, and trustworthiness. Teachers often characterize a Shining Star as a student who goes "above and beyond" what is assigned or required.

    Character education is an initiative that fosters ethical, responsible, and caring young people. The character education program encourages an atmosphere where core values are expected, modeled, taught, celebrated and continuously practiced. Monthly character traits, which form the basis of a democratic society, are focused upon, and each school implements its own character education program utilizing these core traits. At Washington Middle School, we believe that character education promotes core ethical values and helps to create a caring school community. Character education also contributes to parental and community involvement, safe and orderly schools, reduced disciplinary issues, and increased student and staff morale.

    Students, selected for the honor, are recognized during a morning ceremony via the closed circuit TV. Parents and/or guardians are invited to attend the presentation, and students receive a medal of honor and a certificate during the presentation.

    Officer Chris Fraley, the School's Resource Officer, will recognize students each semester who participate in the school's DARE program. This program offers another way to recognize and reward students for exemplifying the types of positive behaviors we desire all of our students to have and promote!
    Commander Cash is a way for students to earn rewards through their positive behavior in school. Students are rewarded by staff members throughout the year.

    How can students earn Commander Cash?

    • Receive $1 for Teacher Identified Behavior that demonstrates "Going Red"
    • Receive $3 for Making the regular honor roll or monthly perfect attendance
    • Receive $6 for making the distinguished honor roll; selection as a Rising/Shining Star; being a Character Counts award winner; or winning other school related awards as identified by the principal
    • Receive $9 for being referral free for a marking period or winning the RED Hott Award

    What can students use their Commander Cash for?

    • End of 1st Marking Period- Social time with Friends 
    • End of 2nd Marking Period- Dance 
    • End of 3rd Marking Period- Grade Level Activity 
    • End of 4th Marking Period- Field Day 

    Students can also put Commander Cash in a drawing to win items like Washington Middle hoodies and t-shirts, gift cards, and other assorted items. Students may also purchase items during announced Commander Cash reward days. Drawings will be held periodically throughout the year. Students must be present to win!