• Allegany’s golf program made its debut in the 1970’s, with Donald Madden directing the team. However, for unknown reasons, the golf program would fade and collapse, not resurging again until 1993. It would be reestablished with coach and English teacher Betsy Robinson, with her recalling that “The reason I started the golf team was because my son, Brook, played and I wanted to give him and the other students a chance to play. They were a good group of about six kids, and we had fun. We played mostly at the Country Club and Maplehurst and Beall and Westmar. I continued coaching for about seven years.” In 1997, two players would manage to compete during the state championship at College Park. During the 1999 season, Dr. Wayne Longnecker replaced Coach Robinson as head coach. His motive behind this would be, “After Mrs. Robinson left. She asked me if I would take over, and I had to help out with the responsibility. I like golf because golf is an intellectual sport; golf is more than just swinging the club, it has life applications. The game builds character. I like coaching golf, and I think that the kids enjoyed it too.” After Dr. Longnecker would resign from the head coach position, Roger Brown would step in to fill his shoes. The team had limited success, but Madison Martin was skillful enough to pass the regionals and battle with the best in the state championship. The ‘22-’23 season was led by head coach Reed. Some notable players include Griffen Madden, Nick Wilt, Jace Patton, Sean Brady, Josef Sneathen, and Daniel Reed. Madden, Wilt, and Patton would all place in the top ten in the Western MAC. The ‘23-’24 season is led by newly found head coach Thomas Preaskorn, with returning standout players like Sean Brady. The Campers hope to have another successful season!